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I have never ordered dance shoes before, how can I know my correct size?
Please order in American shoe sizes only, so please don't guess.  Advise us of your American street shoes size and we will do the rest.

What if the shoes don't fit properly or I don't like them?
For Phone/Online/Mail Order customers only - please return the shoes as new (unworn) within 10 days of receipt and place a note inside the box with specific instructions.

Do you ship COD?
No, not at any time.

If I return the shoes, is it my responsibility to pay the shipping charges?
Yes, that is your responsibility. 

If I have only worn the shoes once, can I return them?
No, only totally unworn as new shoes will be accepted for return or exchange.

If I send the shoes back and they get lost is that my responsibility?
Yes, it is. For your protection, we recommend you obtain a tracking number and/or insurance when you ship your items to us.

If I return the shoes for a refund are my shipping charges refunded?
No, that is your responsibility.

If I need a pair of shoes very fast, what is the best way to order?
Please contact us with a credit card in hand.  We can check our inventory and if we have the shoes in stock, we can ship immediately.

Do you have a Professional discount?
Not at this time.

Do you offer a Student discount?
Not at this time.

May dance shoes be worn outdoors?
It is not advisable because of the delicacy of the non-slip soles, and please do not get the soles wet - you will ruin them.